Cometa is our top-level farming clan created for avid loot addicts. Galaxia is a casual war clan. War or not, just have fun. Luna is a very social & tight-knit group for mid-high level players. Planeta is our premiere 3-star war clan. It's feeder is Aureus Astra.

The Aureus Family

Our family was formed by a small group of players tired of the immaturity, drama and inactivity commonly found in other clans. Aureus Galaxia, the first created clan, was made on the 15th November 2013.


As a result of the tremendous work and community involvement by our leaders, we have grown quickly and now comprise a family consisting of 4 clans (Galaxia, Planeta, Luna, and Cometa). All clans are active around the clock and requests are filled quickly and accurately, what you ask for is what you get. Our members range in age from mature teens to adults, we have a zero tolerance policy toward both drama and immaturity.


Why Aureus? 

Aureus was a gold coin in Ancient Rome. All of our clans maintain a gold standard of fun and excellence, whether it be at farming, warring, or just being a social hangout.




All Aureus clans use a communication app. Most of the clans use GroupMe while Planeta uses Discord. The respective app is required to be a member of the Aureus family. They are both free applications that we use to provide a more robust form of communication outside of the game. For example, we can share images of war bases, attack plans, or cat photos.


Aureus Family Top 20
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Aureus Family Top 20
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