Aureus Galaxia

Galaxia is loved by its long term members. The mix of serious yet relaxed atmosphere keeps even the most addicted players happy. We are competitive about our wars and everyone helps each other out if they are stuck on how to attack their base. Donations are fast and only what you ask for. We enjoy trophy pushing and seeing what we can do collectively! We love to meet new people and spaces usually fill up fast!


Two Week Trial

After joining, new recruits will begin their 14 day trial period. During this time their use of clan chat, donations, war performance, and attacks won (normal farming attacks) will be monitored. At the end of the trial the elders will review and decide whether they're a good fit for the clan. This is in place to ensure we keep bringing in active players to work alongside our long term members.


Galaxia Rules

  1. Clan War search begins every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00pm EST/10:00pm BST. Members are required to opt out when heroes are down and are expected to be able to reliably two star their match each war.
  2. Only max troops should be donated for war.
  3. Attacks are coordinated using First and second attacks must be called out beforehand. Find a base within three placements of yourself on the war map, call it on Clash Caller as early as you can, then attack. After 12 hours, any unmarked targets are fair game. First attacks should be used as soon as possible and within the first 12 hours. Second attacks can be used on failed bases to maximize stars.
  4. The lower on the war map you are, the more beneficial it is to get your attacks in sooner otherwise your options are likely to be limited. Do not complain if you have very few viable bases to attack if you're near the bottom of the war map and cannot get your attacks in early. Everyone can't wait on you.
  5. No inappropriate bases, ever. Troll bases aren't allowed in clan war either, even on prep day.
  6. This is not a clan war farming clan. Everyone is expected to put forth their best effort to maximize star gain with each attack.
  7. No Cheating!
  8. Have some fun and kick some ass! We've established an excellent group of individuals, many of whom have been around for a very long time. Collaborate with one another to learn and improve upon your own strategies, there's a ton of people willing to help and lots of resources available.

Clan Requirements

  • Level 120+
  • Town Hall 10
  • All maxed town hall 9 troops + spells (Excluding Valkyries and Lava Hounds)
  • All maxed town hall 9 defenses
  • Level 5 Golems
  • 100% level 9 walls
  • 50 combined hero levels
  • High activity and active chatter
  • Donate/Receive 1000 per season
  • Participate in Clan Wars every Monday, Wednesday & Friday