Aureus Planeta

Aureus Planeta is fun-loving, social group committed to constant improvement in clan war. We strive for 3-star excellence. We war three times a week on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, declaring at 6:00pm EST (23:00 UTC/GMT). We ask that you war if both heroes are up. Players needing a break can go to our feeder Aureus Astra.


We frequently discuss clan war strategies, and help our members to optimize troop upgrades and base defenses for positive war outcomes. With a helpful crew of loyal members, our clan has proven to be a terrific place to spend time in game.


In game applications are welcome or see below to join us in Discord.


Aureus Astra

Aureus Astra is the feeder clan for Planeta. Members can park here while they work hard on the hero grind or if they need to brush up on attacking skills. New members are asked to do a trial in Astra before joining Planeta. 


Planeta is on YouTube and Twitter!

Join us on Discord or GroupMe

Communication is the key to our success. To communicate our strategies and war plans more effectively Planeta uses Discord. Using Discord is required to be a part of Planeta. Members wishing to join, friendly visitors, or current war opponents can join us by downloading the app and clicking the icon below. You can also visit us on GroupMe if you want to chat and/or set up a Friendly War.



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War Rules

  1. We war 3 times a week. We declare on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.
  2. You are expected to war as often as possible, but must have both heroes up.
  3. You must use Discord and Clash Caller. Ignoring Discord, especially war_chat, will result in a kick.
  4. In war, choose a target you can three star. Make sure you call your target in clash caller. The link for clash caller will be given in the Clash_Caller channel in Discord. Calls last for 2 hours. Update your stars after each attack. The last 2 hours of war should be coordinated in game.
  5. We only use 3-star strategies in war. No GOWIPE! If you need help with the strategies just ask in War_Chat.
  6. A plan for the 10s and 11s will be coordinated each war and posted in the Announcements channel in Discord. Notes will also be made in clash caller and should be followed. If unsure tag @Co-Leader in Discord.
  7. Only donate what is asked. You must be active. Low donations/requests and inactivity may result in being kicked.
  8. All TH9s should get both attacks in within the first 12-14 hours. If the 9s are cleared you should ask the 10s what needs to be scouted.
  9. No attacking for loot. If we are ahead and the match is won you should use your second attack to practice strategies.
  10. We optimize upgrades for war.
  11. Be a decent human being.